The Nighty Night Nursing Light is a Finalist in Product Pitch Tank: Kevin Harrington,of As Seen on TV and Shark Tank judges

NEW YORK, NY – April 4, 2013 – Nighty Night Nursing Light was awarded Entrepreneur Products of the Year and a finalist in the Product Pitch Tank at the Own It Ventures’ Conference and Pitching Expo, held at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City on March 20, 2013.  Retailers and retail experts selected the Nighty Night Nursing Light as a top finalist from a highly competitive field of more than 50 women entrepreneurs. The Product Pitch Tank included Kevin Harrington, Chairman of As Seen on TV and a shark from the popular show, Shark Tank as a judge.

Pitch 2013 Kevin Harrington

The Nighty Night Nursing Light, a small, multi-functional light that mothers can attach directly to their clothing, making nighttime feedings easier.

With just a push of a button, a soft glow illuminates, allowing for just the right amount of light. A mother can set the Nighty Night Nursing Light for the desired length of nursing time. And if mom falls asleep, the Nighty Night Nursing Light’s gentle vibration alarm will awaken her so she can safely put baby back to bed and even perform another essential nighttime parenting task.

With the Nighty Night Nursing Light, dozing beyond the desired nursing time is eliminated, and mom can relax with confidence during her special time with baby.

The Own It Ventures Conference and Pitching Expo offers women entrepreneurs who are seeking angel investor funding, media exposure and retail distribution for their products the opportunity to connect with and pitch to angel investors, the media and retail buyers.

More than 20 angel investors looking for the right investment opportunities attended the conference throughout the day, along with buyers from major and national retailers including Whole Foods Market, buyers for QVC, As Seen on TV, Wegmans, and another Major Retailer.  Journalists and media personalities from Forbes, USA Today, The Next Women, Black Enterprise Magazine, CBS Radio, and the Huffington Post heard success stories and got the scoop on the next big innovation or product hit.

Emblem OIV“Since becoming a finalist at the Pitch Event, our product is receiving amazing opportunities.  We are appreciative for this type of exposure for our business and are looking forward to more great things to come!” April Lowell, Co-Inventor of the Nighty Night Nursing Light

About Own It Ventures

 Own It Ventures connects women entrepreneurs with the people and opportunities that expand their businesses. The Own It Ventures conference offers the opportunity to pitch and gain national exposure in the media, retail distribution with major chains, and investment funding through pitching competitions.

Own It Ventures fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in women and builds confidence through educational and training seminars, networking events, and a rich community of women entrepreneurs, angel investors, retail buyers, and media. More information is available at

Nighty Night Nursing Light gets the New Mommy Media Seal of Approval

The Nighty Night Nursing Light was reviewed by The Boob Group and they approved! This is what one breastfeeding Mom stated in response to her experience with the Nighty Night Nursing Light:

“This nursing light is amazing! From day one I’ve been very impressed by the product. At first glance, I worried it may be too heavy or bulky but I gave it a try anyhow. Not only is it light weight and clips very easily but the color of the light is very soft and my little one loves it. I’ve even attached it to a blanket or pillow and it works just as well. The soft light has definitely made night time feedings more enjoyable and smooth. We co-sleep and nurse in bed so did not put any of the timer features to use. However, since we do fall asleep nursing the light shuts itself off after a few minutes which was helpful. I would recommend this product to any new moms!”

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to receive feedback from “The Boob Group”. We are now New Mommy Media Approved!

The Holidays are upon us! The Nighty Night Nursing Light is a unique gift for Breastfeeding Moms

The breastfeeding mother in your life-your wife, your sister, or even your neice-has spent countless hours breastfeeding or with activites related to breastfeeding (ie pumping) this year. Help them to “feel loved, supported and stylish” this year. This fantastic blog post by Milk It Kit sheds light on breastfeeding must haves for moms!

“A Neccessity at Night When Doing Night Time Diaper Changes and Feedings”

The Nighty Night Nursing Light gets rave reviews from This “night time necessity” doesn’t disappoint Mom or Dad! Not breastfeeding? Not problem! Use the Nighty Night Nursing Light during bottle feedings, diaper changes, while administering gas drops or Tylenol. These middle of the night parenting tasks just got a whole lot easier. Providing a soft, ambient light source, the Nighty Night Nursing Light won’t wake baby. This holiday season, take advantage of our free shipping offer, and you can give the gift of more sleep to the new parent in your life.

This Eclectic Mom calls the Nighty Night Nursing Light a “fantastic mommy invention”

“Towards the end of pregnancy our body prepares us for those mid-night wakes and constant sleep deprivation What it doesn’t prepare us for is having to stay alert and function in the middle of the night. I am lucky enough with baby boy #2 to have no feeding issues and we are exclusively breastfeeding. This means I’m on my own at night”.
She was so relieved to have recieved her Nighty Night Nursing Light in the mail just a couple of days after arriving home with her new little bundle.
Thanks to the ease of use of her Nighty Night Nursing Light she is now “off and running”. Eclectic Mommy is so pleased with the Nighty Night Nursing Light, she is giving one away on her blog. The contest started today, and runs for eight days.
Enter to win the Nighty Night Nursing Light here: Eclectic Momsense Nighty Night Nursing Light Giveaway

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